New-Look Eagle Boys Pizzas Heats up the Competition with REAL Campaign

Australia’s third largest pizza maker Eagle Boys Pizza has undergone one of the most significant changes in its 22 year history with the launch of a $7 million twelve month campaign to revitalize its iconic pink logo and unveil a new range of bigger, better pizzas.


The cornerstone of the new Real campaign is a revamped menu, including a new range of eleven premium pizzas. 


Developed by Eagle Boys’ dedicated chef, the new menu uses fresher, better quality ingredients to create contemporary flavours such as Zesty Lemon Prawn, Chicken Club, Mediterranean, and Carnivore.


The Real campaign is part of Eagle Boys’ largest ever advertising push.  It plans to reinforce its Bigger, Better positioning, which first began 12 months ago when it highlighted how competitors had shrunk the size of their pizzas to cut costs.


Eagle Boys National Marketing Manager Scott Hamilton said the campaign’s new direction was the culmination of more than two years of consumer research.


“Pizza consumers have become more discerning and are increasingly dissatisfied with the small, under-topped and poor quality pizzas offered by some of our competitors,” he said.


“Australians have shown an overwhelming desire for a pizza chain to provide a higher quality pizza with real fresh ingredients, but still retain all the things they love about a pizza chain – quick and friendly service, great location and value for money.


“In these uncertain economic times, pizza lovers need to know they are getting a genuine large pizza with plenty of toppings for a great value price. Some of our chain competitors are providing cheap prices but giving customers small, under-topped pizzas while some gourmet and independent pizzerias are charging far too much for a quality pizza that Eagle Boys can provide for a fraction of the cost.


“We will now offer a product that far surpasses our chain competitors in quality, but at the same everyday value price. The best of both worlds.”


Mr Hamilton said the new “rustic” branding communicated Eagle Boys’ real, genuine, no nonsense and high quality attributes.


“Our customers don’t want us to be gourmet or fancy – just offer great pizzas at great prices with no fuss – and that’s what we will do,” he said.


“We are proud of our 100% Australian ownership and our 20 year history, but at the same time we are focussed on growing our brand into an exciting new area where we can provide customers a completely unique pizza experience.”


Mr Hamilton said the change was being supported by an advertising and marketing campaign which encompassed a range of mediums, including a significantly increased expenditure in mainstream media, particularly television.


“The online channel is also becoming increasingly important to engage consumers and provide a convenient purchasing experience, while our letterbox collateral continues to play a role in driving the retail components of our business.”


The campaign has been developed by advertising agency Publicis Mojo, with assistance from media agency Zenith Optimedia, digital marketing agency XCOM, website developer Isntmedia, print partner Printrak and public relations agency BBS.


Eagle Boys Pizza is one of Australia’s largest pizza makers and is 100% Australian-owned. It operates more than 250 franchised stores throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, employing more than 4,000 staff and making more than 15 million pizzas a year.


In June 2008, Eagle Boys Pizza was named the nation’s 2008 Supreme Retailer by the National Retail Association and received the Best Franchise award for the second consecutive year.