New “Le Towelé” Retractable Towel Is Always By Your Side

(Santee, California) – It’s a frustrating problem that we often face while doing everyday tasks at home or at work. You need a towel to clean up a spot or wipe your hands but one isn’t available or is just out of reach. But now a new product called the Le Towelé gives consumers a unique and handy retractable towel that is always by their side.

Le Towelé (pronounced towel-ay) is a 14″ x 16″ black micro-fiber towel that attaches to a retractable cord which draws back into a clip-on waistband device. Users simply pull the towel up when needed and then let it conveniently and effortlessly return to their side when they are done. Le Towelé can also be clipped to
an included one-size-fits-all Velcro belt instead of the waistband. The high-quality towel can easily be removed from the device and machine-washed for use another day.

“I got tired of searching for a towel when I needed one,” says Le Towelé Inventor & ARGEE Corporation President Robert Goldman. “Now I always have a towel by my side that I can depend on.”

The Le Towelé can be used in dozens of situations including: house cleaning, cooking, barbequing, car repair, bartending, yard work, exercising and more.

The Le Towelé sells for $12.99 plus S&H online at or by calling: 800.449.3030