After Martin Luther King Day, Hundreds More Cases of  Discrimination Come to Light
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) is running a national newspaper ad revealing hundreds of new discrimination cases filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against union officials. Even as labor leaders employ the rhetoric of equality, diversity, and tolerance, the facts reveal an entirely different picture.
These new discrimination charges filed for 2006 and obtained by CUF include, among others, 275 allegations of racism, 138 allegations of sexism, and 143 alleged violations against the disabled. This brings the tally to over 14,000 charges against unions since 2000. These statistics are reflected in CUF’s full page print ad ( published today in USA TODAY quoting Service Employees International Union president Andy Stern describing American union leadership as “male, pale, and stale.”
“Martin Luther King Day is a holiday to remember Dr. King’s vision of tolerance, openness, and freedom,” said CUF Executive Director Richard Berman. “Employees shouldn’t be subjected to abuse at the hands of union officials whose actions on promoting diversity don’t match their rhetoric.”
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