Naya Water Goes Eco-Friendly

According to a press release, Naya has made it its mission to provide consumers with a product they can be proud of by producing the most eco-friendly water on the market while protecting the environment.

Naya is imported yet “locally sourced” within a 400-mile radius of New York City.  It has a small carbon footprint compared to most imported bottled waters because of its convenient location. In addition, just by using recycled plastic Naya is reducing the carbon footprint by nearly 25%.

Naya employs a team of lab technicians and independent laboratories to perform extensive tests to ensure that the water is of the highest quality.  It is bottled directly at the Mirabel source in order to preserve its natural properties.  It is low in sodium, contaminant-free, and provides an ideal balance of healthy minerals.

This extensive research and effort to ensure the quality and integrity of the water shows in Naya’s distinct taste which has been described as clear and refreshing.


NAYA water originates in the wilderness, at the foot of the Canadian Laurentians Mountains, under layers and layers of natural filters of silt, sand and rock which protect the spring water from harmful bacteria and pollutants. The water that comes from this sources is of exceptional quality.


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