(NORWALK, CT) February 23, 2007 – Featuring more than 200 new products, there’s no better place to source new menu items, drinks, equipment and solutions than the Nation’s Restaurant News New Product Gallery at the 2007 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. From March 4-6, get up close and personal with the products in the new Gallery format with tastings and product demonstrations daily from 2:00 – 3:30pm.
All attendees visiting the Gallery will vote for their favorite new products in the People’s Choice Awards. Categories include: Appetizer, Beverage (alcohol), Beverage (non-alcohol), Condiment/Ingredient, Dessert, Entrée, Environmental Safety, Equipment (heavy), Equipment (light), Flooring, Healthy Food, Snack and Technology. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 6 at 2:30 pm.

“The NRN New Product Gallery will showcase several new and unique products to our industry.  We invite all attendees to stop by the Gallery, each day of the Show, to see the phenomenal new products to improve workflow and sales in your business,” said Ron Mathews, Event Director for the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York.  The following gives a brief description, as of press time, of the select new products participating this year:
In the Technology category:
·                                 ACIGI Relaxation Massage Chair. Deeper stronger massaging allows techniques to pursue comfort at a higher level.
·                                 Bevinco Food Controllers, increase revenue and decrease operating costs.
·                                 Exact Payroll Inc.’s Email Payroll, payroll stubs sent to managers and employees and Employees Self Serve allows employees to view pay stubs and W-2’s online.
·                                 Leebro Systems’ Wavesoft Wireless POS.
·                                 Long Range Systems’ push-for-service waiter call system.
·                                 Luisi Insurance Brokerage Inc. Workers Compensation
·                                 Radiant Systems P1520 POS Terminal offers reliability, ease of use, performance and high value.
In the Environmental Safety Category:
·                                 Admor Restaurant Equipment Refrigeration monitoring. Monitors refrigerated environ-ments to help avoid costly health dept. and food safety violations and prevents the loss of valuable food stock.
·                                 Allied Marketing Group’s Natural Water Purification System delivers pure still and sparkling waters.
·                                 Center Plate Marketing’s Eco Sleeves, the only 100% biodegradable black coffee jacket.
·                                 CHEFMATE effectively eliminates the toughest food odors from hands. 
·                                 EATware Products are 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, single use food containers made from pulp using palm, bamboo and sugar cane fibers.
·                                 FundaMetal Designs’ FIFO First In, First out Squeeze bottle. Faster to dispense easier to clean.
·                                 Glory Team Industrial Limited’s EATware is a transparent collection of spoons, cups and spatulas.
·                                 Industrial Protection Products Slip Resistant Footwear.  Many new styles from Sketchers, Converse, Reebok, Rockport, Timberland just to name a few.
·                                 Roll-A-Cover is America’s largest manufacturer of several trackless retractable enclosure products.
In the Equipment Category:
·                                 3M purple Scour 2020 cleans your pots and pans twice as fast as conventional scouring products with less scratching.
·                                 3V Company’s Natural liquid meat tenderizer. Easy to use and unlike powder leaves counters clean.
·                                 Ammirati Imports’ M-2 Super Automatic Espresso/Capuccino machine. Push button automation infused with La Cimbali quality makes this machine applicable to all foodservice segments.
·                                 Arter Neon Sign, Inc.’s Neon display signs.
·                                 Averill’s Sharper Uniforms‘ Zipper Tie. Revolutionary Tie that comes with a full pre-tied Windsor Knot.
·                                 Bari Restaurant & Pizzeria Equipment’s Bari Pizza Oven.
·                                 Bermar America Wine Preservation System’s Barclay Bar, keeps open bottles of wine safe for up to three weeks.
·                                 Borax Paper products’ Milan and Petites disposable dinnerware in black and white.
·                                 Buffett Enhancements Intl’s Portable Frozen Drink machine and New Age Chafer.
·                                 Canplas LLC‘s Endura Inline Drain Strainer.  Installed in the drain line below the sink to prevent solids clogging and blocking the pipes.
·                                 Cac China Inc’s City Square, Boston Pattern, Prince Square super white porcelain and bone white china.
·                                 Cadco Inc.’s Line Chef Digital & Manual Convection oven.
·                                 Cardinal Intl’s Mikasa Hotel & Restaurant Open Up Glassware a product line designed exclusively for wine tasting.
·                                 Chilewich LLC’s Jacquard Rectangular Placemats
·                                 Contract Furniture Company’s O7’ outdoor seating furniture.
·                                 Crown Verity, Inc’s Outdoor Grill designed with horizontal propane tanks that fit on the lower shelf of the unit.
·                                 Demarle, Inc.‘s Flexipat for Brownies.  Perfectly fits an 18″x26″ sheet pan to maximize the efficiency of baking.
·                                 Dining By Candlelight‘s Contemporary Candlelamp.  Modern candle lamp for tabletop use in restaurants, bars, hotels.
·                                 Delivery Concept East’s Hotshot IIXL food transport vehicle for off site catering applications.
·                                 Detecto Scale Company’s PZ300 Ingredient Scale features totally touchless zeroing of ingredients for more sanitary conditions and faster prepping.
·                                 Dover Metals Company’s Melamine Bowl’s and Platters, Telescoping Stand, Platter Riser, Pyramid Stand and Table Riser.
·                                 Don’t Sweat It Products, LLC’s The Sweater absorbs all the condensation from an iced beverage and eliminates mess from in the car and on clothes.
·                                 Empire P.O.S. Systems Remote eyes provides video surveillance.
·                                 Emuamericas, LLC, Wicker Furniture Collection – outdoor seating with Italian design.
·                                 Excel Dryer’s XLerator hand dryer.
·                                 Europaeus USA, Inc.’s Cake Stand 16″ Square Top.  White Melamine Large Cake Display Stand Pedestal base
·                                 Equipex Ltd.‘s Curved glass warming display. 
·                                 Freshmarx Division of Paxar Americas Inc.‘s Automarx 9416 Automated Labeling System.
·                                 GelatoSupply.com‘s Dolomite Collection.  This transparent collection includes spoons, cups and spatulas. 
·                                 Gruenewald MFG’s Refillo-Whip System and Refillo-Whip Remote Gas Charging Systems.  This system is simple to use, saves time and money.
·                                 Hollowick FX Color LED Tealights are flame free lighting. Provides compact accent lighting when a more colorful solution is desired.
·                                 Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc.’s Twister Bowl by new design in black bottom food containers offers a twist to lock clear lid that goes on and stays on.
·                                 Happy Chef Uniforms, Inc’s Chef Polo 100% cotton pique mess half sleeve polo shirt
·                                 Intek Manufacturing LLC‘s Xtreme Steam carries a two year parts and labor warranty and is backed by their lifetime support and service guarantee.
·                                 International Culinary’s Grand Curl makes large flowers from ribbons or vegetables.
·                                 InstaPrep Space Table, create an instant work space on top of any round or rectangular waste receptacle.
·                                 International Event Products’ Platinum Dot patterned white china with platinum dots that start small in the center and grow larger near the edge of the plate and Hammered Glass Dishes in 5 translucent colors includes a chop, dinner, salad and soup bowl.
·                                 iSi North America Inc’s iSi Thermo Xpress Whip, the first and only standing whipper in the industry. The quart size bottle is thermally insulated to keep hot and cold preparations at their optimal temperature.
·                                 Joytec Corporation‘s Ice Shaver Blender.  New Model of Ice Shaver Blender. Larger Capacity with 1, 2, 3 & 4 drink size selections.
·                                 Kenkyu-Kai BANRAI Tofu making kit. Kit includes BANRAI-Nabe pot, all organic high potent soymilk, nigari-coagulant and accessories.
·                                 Kikuichi Cutlery/JETRO’s Elite WARiKOMI Stainless sushi knife with V gold carbon steel blade.
·                                 LB Furniture’s Cashe Strips Modular Seating, units can be mixed and matched to create intimate seating.
·                                 Moffat/Lainox/Friginox‘s Lainox a cooking system that combines a variety of cooking functions – baking, roasting, poaching, re-therming, grilling and steaming – all in one appliance.
·                                 Norman Contract Furniture.
·                                 Oreck Vacuum’s New Oreck XL Professional Air purifier scrubs the air clean of dust, allergens and now ozone.
·                                 Peco Classics’ Culinary Classics Chef pant in-stock ready to ship immediately. Features 2-inch elastic waistband, two back and two front pockets with an inside drawstring.
·                                 PepperMills Supreme is the first and only rechargeable pepper/spice mill for front or back of the house.
·                                 Progressive Pro’s Decorative Nickelplate Cake Stand. This 22″ round cake stand offers the look of silver without the tarnish.
·                                 Refillo-Whip Recharging System, hollow central ice tube is removable and can be filled with water and frozen for ice cold drinks.
·                                 Regal Ware’s 8.5 quart Stainless Steel Beverage/Juice Dispenser.
·                                 Robot Coupe USA’s R301UDice and R301 Series D machines for your food preparation needs.
·                                 Stolzle USA‘s Event Steamware.  High performance steamware
·                                 The Chair Factory Ltd‘s Kuadra.  Stackable chair, zebrano veneered shell a high quality and resistant wood with striped finish.
·                                 Willy Dog food cart.  A unique, self contained mini restaurant for in or outdoor use.
In the Beverage Category: 
·                                 Croix Toriino (Tamba Wine Ltd.) featuring Joshua haku 2005, Koshu Nigori 2005 and Koshu 2005.
·                                 G-Thrill! Beverage Company’s GingerThrill & QuickThrill. GingerThrill is a non-carbonated natural ginger beverage and QuickThrill is the new substitute for coffee in the morning.
·                                 ITO EN, LTD.‘s ITO EN Natural Fruit Teas. Sweetened with natural cane sugar, ITO EN’s Natural Fruit Tea lineup is brewed from premium whole loose tea leaves.
·                                 Kikkoman International Inc.‘s Pearl Soymilk is made using the finest ingredients and is certified organic by USDA.
·                                 Monin Gourmet Flavoring. Monin Pomegranate enhances cocktails, iced tea and lemonade.
·                                 Revolution Tea’s Pyramid Infuser Teas in foil pouches.
·                                 Sasaki Green Tea Co.’s Green Tea Powder can be mixed with beverages or other food products.
In the Entrée Category:
·                                 Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta & Sauces – Joseph’s Braised Beef and Veal Tortellachi, Pre-Cooked Meat Tortellini, Seafood Cannelloni, Smoked Chicken and Fennel Ravioli, Rock Shrimp and Mascarpone Ravioli.
·                                 Le Bec Fin Fine Foods’ Ready to heat meal includes Half roasted duck a L’orange, Beef Bourguignon, Coq au vin and Veal Marengo.
·                                 Philly’s Best Steak Company’s Halal Jerk Chicken Steaks by, Jamaican Jerk chicken and steak.
·                                 Progressive Gourmet’s Pineapple Orange Shrimp and Potato Wrapped Shrimp, Mini Southwest Chicken Kabob, Chicken Breast with Portobello and Spinach, Chicken Cacciatore or meat Lasagna Roll Up, and Mini “Sliders” 2oz Burger and Bun.
·                                 Taylor Products, Inc.‘s Broaster Pressure Fryers.  Available in gas and electric models.  Broaster pressure fryers are the most efficient equipment.
In the Healthy Food Category:
·                                 Bake’n Joy Foods’ All Natural Whole Wheat Muffins, trans fat-free.
·                                 Boiron Orange & Bitter Orange Puree 100% natural puree with no sugar added.
·                                 G.A. Davis Food Service’s Wesson Trans Fat Free Smart Choice Oil. Smart Choice is a blend of Trans Fat Free cottonseed and canola oils made to bring out the flavors of fried foods.
·                                 Lifeway Foods, Inc.‘s Probugs.  Organic Whole Milk Kefir for kids in flavors Orange Creamy Crawler and Sublime Slime Lime.
·                                 Marukome USA’s White Miso, Red Miso, Mayo Sauce, Karahi-su Miso, and Dengaku Miso.
·                                 New Tiger International’s Porcini mushrooms, chanterelle and morel grown in remote mountain regions in South Asia without man made pollution.
·                                 Organic Valley‘s Organic Cream Cheese – 3 lb. Loaf one of the newest additions to their foodservice product line.
·                                 Riviera Produce’s Gorgeous Greens, Salads, baby spinach, arrugala and field grown salad mixes.
·                                 Rummo USA’s Rummo Organic and Organic Whole Wheat Pasta in long and short cuts
In the Dessert Category:
·                                 Ambassador Fine Foods, Inc’s  Cointreau Dessert Paste. This is the only dessert paste that carries the name Cointreau.
·                                 Barry Callebaut’s  Cacao Barry Origines, Callebaut Kumabo 80.1%, Cacao Barry Alto el Sol plantation and Callebaut Origines. Callebaut has selected some of the most unique chocolate and cocoa.
·                                 Euro Classic Imports Inc’s Chocolate Filled Pancake Imported from Belgium, Modified Atmosphere Breads, Authentic Belgian Waffles imported from Belgium, Chocolate Filled Crepe and Authentic Crepe Imported from Brittany, France.
·                                 Instant-Whip-New York & New Jersey’s Flavor Colored Pre-Whipped Icing that offers 6  pre-colored icings  and Flavor Right Desert & Pastry Topping, just thaw and decorate.
·                                 Juniors Cheesecakes/Great American Desserts’ Black Forest Cheesecake Layercake and Hershey Heath Bar Milkshake Cheesecake.
·                                 La Danoiserie’s Muscovado Danish, Mini Macaroons and Mini Danish Selections.
·                                 Taylor Products, Inc.‘s Crunchi Crème.  The FB CC8 system provides the only ONE-STEP process to blend CANDY & confections into soft serve cones.
In the Snack Category:
·                                 Albert Uster Imports’ Tuscan Shrimp Pancetta with Orange Mostarda.
·                                 Crescent Duck Farm’s Crescent Duck Pate highlighted by a green tomato chutney.
·                                 Davis Mountains’ Organic Beef made with certified organic beef and all organic ingredients.
·                                 Fantis Foods Inc.’s Chrisi Zimi Mini Fillo Swirl Cheese Pies and Swirl Spinach & Cheese Pies, Dodoni Feta Cheese, Loux Soft Drinks and Mythology Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Crete.
·                                 FatCat Scones are premium frozen pre-portioned ready to bake scones.
·                                 Gastronomia’s Panifrance Ready to Bake Butter Croissant. Panifrance are ready to bake from frozen to oven.
·                                 Haram-Christensen Corp.’s Staud’s Black Cherry Preserve, Tropic Spread, Pineapple Spread, Kiwi-Gooseberry Spread, and Blood Orange Marmalade.
·                                 Kitchen Innovations; Great American Dumplings. Eastern style dumplings stuffed with Western flavors.
·                                 Madhouse Munchies’ Stone Ground Tortilla Chips are made with all natural stone-ground corn masa and the Blue Tortilla are made with organic blue corn.
·                                 Nonni’s Food Company‘s.  Mamma Says Biscotti: Mini biscotti are delicious all natural treats, individually wrapped, to be enjoyed anytime.  New York Style: premium deli snacks famous for their authenticity, quality & great taste. Nonni’s Biscotti: the number one selling biscotti in North America.  Old London Breadcrumbs & Croutons: made from fresh focaccia bread and then seasoned with savory herbs and spices.
·                                 Sabra/Blue& White Foods’ Sabra To Go with Pretzel Crisps. Healthier snack foods available in convenient easy to carry packages.
The Nation’s Restaurant News New Product Gallery will be held during the 2007 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York taking place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from Sunday, March 4 through Tuesday, March 6, 2007. The Show is produced and managed by Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading organizers of trade and public shows and owned and sponsored by the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA). For additional information visit the Show website, at www.internationalrestaurantny.com.

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