Pizza? Coffee? What Will New York City Bureaucrats Ban Next?

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Following New York City’s ban on trans fat, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is asking the food police “What’s Next?” in full-page ads in this morning’s New York Post and USA TODAY.

The text of the ads read:

Now that New York has banned cooking oils with trans fat (the same substance as margarine) because there are healthier alternatives, it opens the door to banning so much more! Using the same logic, let’s get rid of New York style pizza (seriously, do you need all that cheese?), beef hot dogs (tofu dogs almost taste the same), corned beef (turkey breast is much leaner), and coffee (tea is probably better for you).

How about a government Department of Menus?

“The New York City Board of Health has really overstepped its bounds with this draconian ban,” said CCF Senior Research Analyst Justin Wilson. “If they can ban trans fats simply on the grounds that there are healthier alternatives, what will stop them from banning any number of foods that taste good, but aren’t the most healthy choices on the menu?”

Wilson continued, “Why don’t we pass a law forcing people to drink skim milk rather than whole milk? Eat sorbet rather than real ice cream? Perhaps the government could mandate a Board of Health approved menu for all restaurants in America? This ban is an assault on consumer freedom and sets a truly dangerous precedent.”

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