Rubirosa, the family-owned Italian eatery on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, offers pizza fit for a princess—or, at least, a duchess.

Meghan Markle, the former actress and star of “Suits” and current Duchess of Sussex, once raved about Rubirosa in her now-defunct blog, The Tig, and the review has resurfaced recently, thanks to a fan who has archived the posts.

Markle wrote that she was filming the pilot for “Suits” when she discovered Rubirosa. “There rests my holy grail of pizza,” she concluded.

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Markle said a friend recommended Rubirosa to her during the same week it first opened in 2009. “I sat at the bar and had a slice of their a la vodka pie (okay, I had two) and a cold beer,” she wrote. “That is where my love affair began.”

“Their menu extends well beyond pizza, with pastas and entrees I can vouch for, and desserts that you make room for, despite being stuffed. But it’s the pizza, the blessed chewy/crunchy perfect crust, the gooey cheese, and the unparalleled bite that I literally dream of.”

Rubirosa is famous for its tie-dye pizza (pictured below), but Markle’s go-to order was Rubirosa’s Sausage and Broccoli Rabe pie. Then, one day she took a chance with the Honey Pie, featuring soppressata, fontina, mozzarella and spiced honey. That order, she said, was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

this photo shows a pizza with a swirl of red sauce and green sauce in a spiral pattern

The Tie-Dye pizza from Rubirosa (Rubirosa / Facebook)

More recently, Markle and Prince Harry were spotted last July at Locanda Verde, an Italian restaurant on Greenwich Street in New York. The royal couple first tried to reserve the outdoor courtyard, but upon learning that someone else had beaten them to it, they dined inside with the other guests. At one point during the evening, according to Page Six, Markle heard that a customer at a nearby table was celebrating their birthday and walked over to wish the person a happy birthday.

The Los Angeles-born and -raised Markle is married to Prince Harry, the younger son of the late Princess Diana and King Charles III. In a previous blog, she wrote that she consoled herself with “some iteration of bread and cheese”—possibly pizza, but she didn’t remember—after her first audition for “Suits,” which she thought she’d blown.

Markle and Prince Harry now live in Montecito, California, but it’s unclear whether they’ve discovered a new favorite pizza shop in the area. Markle is known to love cooking from her own recipes, so maybe they’ve got an Ooni?

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