Meet Professor Zaaa: Making Windsor, Ontario a Pizza Destination

Meet Dean Litster, aka Professor Zaaa, the corporate pizza chef at Armando’s Pizza Bar in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He got his start folding boxes as a 15-year-old and quickly discovered his talent—and passion—for making artisanal pizza. “Once I realized this was what I was going to do, that’s when I decided, ‘OK, I’m going all in now,’” he says. “If you’re going to do something, you might as well try and be the best at it.”

Litster’s specialty pies include the Windsor-Style Deep Dish, featuring Galati cheese, shredded and round pepperoni, canned mushrooms, extra red sauce and Parmesan. “I don’t do this just for me,” he says. “I want Windsor to be known as a pizza destination.”

Video produced by Signature Video Group in Toronto.