Media Focus On Pizza Unfair To Cain

""The Washington Times reports, “Why the media insists on referring to Herman Cain as the chief executive officer of a pizza company, as if that were all that were on Mr. Cain’s resume, is highly questionable to me. Mr. Cain’s resume contains many more accomplishments.”

“For example, he is a past chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the chairman of the National Commission of Economic Growth and Tax Reform. He also had his own talk radio show. The media could be called biased by implying that Mr. Cain is nothing more than a pizza maker, tending his company’s ovens and delivering pizzas. The fact is, Herman Cain is a very successful businessman and can list achievements that make him a viable candidate for high office. What he never was, however, is a “community organizer,” a fact that should make him a front-runner on the Republican side for the next election. The mainstream media ought to tell it like it is and list all of Mr. Cain’s successes instead of suggesting he’s just a pizza man.”