Matt McClellan, Boston Bill To Change The Pizza Industry reports, “what do a"" 74-year-old Bostonian and a 35-year-old local pizzeria owner have in common? Drive, enthusiasm, humility — and long bike rides.”

“‘Boston’ Bill Hansbury, avid cyclist and former marathon runner, lost his right leg in 2007 when a virulent staph infection attacked his foot. But Hansbury never let it hold him back. On the contrary, he went above and beyond and established The Boston Bill Foundation, Inc. to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford a prosthetic limb. He also reaches out on a personal level, frequently visiting amputee patients in hospitals and in their homes. Physical therapists request visits from Boston Bill to motivate progress in certain patients. Boston Bill is a kind, generous soul, but does not tolerate a pity party. ‘Instead of wallowing in it, move past it, no matter how tough it gets. All it takes is one revolution of a bike, or one step,’ he says. He taught this concept to a man who would not budge from his wheelchair, despite being an amputee for nine months. Shortly after Boston Bill’s visit, he was out of his wheelchair.”