Our newer readers may not know this, but PMQ once stood for Pizza Marketing Quarterly, back when we published only four times a year. Marketing, in other words, was our middle name. (Some of you probably thought it was Harold. An honest mistake. We look like a Harold.) Over time, of course, the magazine evolved and grew, and “quarterly” no longer fit us. In fact, we are now much more than a print magazine—we are a media company that serves the pizza restaurant industry with the most visited pizza-focused website, a thriving social media presence, a digital edition and app, and a video production studio. (Some might say we’re a multimedia company, but “media” is already plural, and adding “multi” to it seems redundant. These are the kinds of things I sit around and think about. No wonder I have no love life.) 

And with all these leading-edge media formats bearing the PMQ logo, marketing is still our middle name. Our No. 1 mission is to help you boost your store’s visibility, expand your market share and increase your sales and profits. And beginning this month, we have redoubled our efforts, redesigning our overall look and adding even more marketing content in every issue. “Marketing Marvels,” a Q&A with the industry’s most innovative operators, has returned after an extended absence. We’ve renamed our “Pizza Press” section to “Moneymakers,” with an enhanced focus on marketing and promotional ideas and strategies. Our editor-at-large, Liz Barrett, will even produce a recurring column (yet to be titled) chock-full of quick tips for selling more pizza.

We’ve also boosted our font size for better readability, revamped our departments and shortened our articles to give you a faster, easier read. We know you’re busy—we’ll give you the moneymaking info you need quickly, so you can get back to marketing your restaurant right away!

There’s only one pizza marketing magazine in the country, and you’re reading it. And it just keeps getting better and better. We hope you’ll come grow with us in 2015!