Since 2010, Dole starts the year announcing its annual DOLE Fruit Pairings, a prediction of fruit-forward combinations reflecting popular menu trends. Dole is particularly excited by this year’s focus: Americana. As Americans rediscover their traditional foodways, Dole is in step with fruit pairings that showcase the diverse cuisines that have emerged from our national melting pot.

The 2015 DOLE Fruit Pairings demonstrate innovative new ways to think about fruit on regional menus. Drawing inspiration from the foods and traditions of the Southern/Gulf states, Pacific Coast, Southwest, Midwest and Northeast, Dole brings fruit and flavor to the forefront with recipes like Bourbon Banana Foster, Raspberry-Avocado Ice Cream Sandwiches, Easy Pineapple Chili, and Apple and Cheddar Hand Pi

To read about the 2015 DOLE Fruit Pairings that inspired this year’s featured recipes, visit and follow the links to your favorite dishes. To contact a Dole representative about DOLE Foodservice Products, call 800-723-9868.

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