Longest Line of Pizzas-World Record Set by Jerrys Pizza

According to a report from, “The pizza chain made by Jerry’s Pizza, together with Hellmann’s Ketchup, from 2,200 pizzas, measured 1630.47 feet (496,97 meters)-which sets the new world record for the Longest line of pizzas.”

“The recipe of the successful pizza required 600 kilos of special pizza flour, 400 kilos of mozzarella, 200 kilos of tomato sauce, 15 liters of olive oil, and three kilos of yeast.  Ninety percent of the Bucharest world record’s pizzas were donated to child care centers and homes for the elderly and 10 percent were eaten by the audience present at the Bucharest Food Festival. Also during Bucharest Food Festival, a new world record for the Largest Tripe Soup was set on Thursday. The Largest Tripe Soup amounted to 1,058 liters, accounting for 5,000 helpings.”