“Some chefs are purely artists, their major concern the subtleties of flavors expressed in the dishes they prepare,” according to The Bend Bulletin.

“David Touvell is as creative in the kitchen as almost any of them — but he is a businessman first.

A year ago, when the longtime local chef and owner of Chow, on Bend’s west side, cast an eye down Brookswood Avenue, he saw a rapidly growing neighborhood with an utter lack of restaurants.

Located south of the Old Mill District near Deschutes River Woods, Brookswood Meadow Plaza is at the heart of a suburban community which, according to Touvell, has 18,000 residents within a three-mile radius.

That’s what the entrepreneur’s demographic research told him — and that made it an ideal place to open a restaurant.

“I know that every neighborhood can support its own businesses,” he said. “And I saw the growth potential here as higher than NorthWest Crossing.”

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