PMQ would like to create and share with you a much-needed library of practical pizza-specific business information, which we think can be of great benefit to pizza operators and our industry vendors alike.

GMA Research, an independent food industry research firm, has been commissioned to conduct the first of its kind • 2004 Pizza Industry Census • All industry members who contribute to the census will receive a copy of this landmark report when completed. To take the census, please go to the homepage and look for the 2004 Pizza Industry Census link, which will take you to the online census. A copy of the census can also be found on page 4 and 5 of this issue and can be mailed or faxed when completed.

Calling All Healthy Pizza Ideas

With the restaurant industry under attack for the fattening of America, it is time to set the record straight and present a definitive report in our next issue called, "Pizza: The Health Food." Anyone in the industry that has research, recipes, or a point of view they'd like to contribute, please send them to


The U.S. Pizza Team recently selected its first three members at the Western Foodservice EXPO in Los Angeles, California.

Up next, Columbus, Ohio, where four more members will be chosen at the North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show (NAPICS) on February 8-9, 2004.  See or

PMQ's 2003 Pizza Industry Annual Report

In this issue you'll see what happened to our industry during the last year. You find out which segments lost and gained ground, which trends emerged and how you can learn what our nation's customers are telling us through their purchasing choices.

Papa Murphy's Takes the PIE

PMQ's Annual Pizza Industry Enterprise (P.I.E.) Award goes to Papa Murphy's. It was a hard choice to make, but Papa Murphy's continued to show some outstanding numbers during a year when our industry actually saw a decline its number of pizza stores. Read about it online.