Food Network To Air U.S. Pizza Team

Sunday night, March 21st, 9 p.m. Eastern, get ready. The US Pizza Team is about to become a household term. See page 54 and see how your pizza store or business can leverage this publicity into increased pizza sales for your pizza business by associating with our industry's most visible public relations machine.

The purpose of the US Pizza Team has always been to create competition and camaraderie among our industry while raising the level of awareness of the world's most perfect food. We thank the hundreds of U.S. Pizza Team participants and our generous sponsors for creating a phenomenally successful industry asset, which will continue to bring attention to the proud, passionate and dedicated people who make our industry like no other in the world.

Chat Room Updated and Upgraded

Have you ever gone to the PMQ chat room to visit with your peers only to find you've been unable to get in? Fret no more. We've finally fixed the problem by updating several sets of software. The PMQ chat room is alive and well and open with featured guests every Tuesday Night at 8 p.m. Eastern. Also, if you have missed a chat session, you can access the transcripts online by clicking the Chat Room button and then clicking the transcripts link.

PMQ Guilty of Smuggling Pizza Secrets

PMQ Editor Tom Boyles journeys once again to New York to identify another two historic New York pizza landmarks. He also brought back with him, and shares with our readers (Page ), two secret recipes for pizza you won't see anywhere outside of New York. Be the first pizzeria in your town to offer these!

NAPICS Shows Midwest How To Do Pizza

If you weren't one of the 7,000 plus pizza people who joined us in Columbus, Ohio for the Midwest's largest pizza show, you'll just have to read about it in PMQ. The North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show also featured the 2004 U.S. Pizza Team trials. We also found some very good pizza business ideas there that you can read in the show review.