May 14-15, 2009 in Chicago (Dalton), Illinois held prior to the NRA Expo


If your business is outgrowing its production capacity you’ll have to answer questions like these before starting volume pizza crust production to satisfy growing demand:

• Should you automate?

• Should you centralize?

• Do the ingredients you used when you made fewer pizzas fail to deliver full functionality now that you’re making more pizzas?

• Do you get full value for the money you spend on additives?

• What equipment should you buy to make the same pizzas you do now on a larger scale?


AIB’s “Mr. Pizza,” Tom Lehmann brings together some of the pizza industry’s top experts for two days of informative give-and-take about getting bigger and more profitable while avoiding the expensive and time-consuming process of learning the best way to grow by trial and error.


You’ll learn:

• How to choose ingredients that work most efficiently with your production methods

• How to use additives that enhance your manufacturing capabilities

• How to select equipment that will produce what you made in small batches in large volumes without diminishing quality.

• How to create signature products that distinguish your products from all the rest

• How all the latest wrinkles in freezing, packaging, and distribution can make your operation more profitable and efficient.


This seminar targets wholesale pizza production manufacturers and will provide a world of helpful information use to:

• Managers

• R&D personnel

• Production supervisors

• Line operators



Ken Hagedorn, Board of Directors, Food Processing Machinery Assoc., 973-300-0025

Thomas A. Lehmann, Director, Bakery Assistance, AIB International

Randy Medina, Pizzamatic Corp., 888-749-9279

Ed Mentz, President, AM Manufacturing Corp., 708-841-0959

Richard Walker, VP Distribution, Bellissimo Foods, 720-244-3993

Jim Warren, Exact Mixing System/Redding Ovens, 901-378-8037

Jeff Zeak, Pilot Plant Manager, AIB International



1213 Bakers Way, PO Box 3999

Manhattan, KS 66505-3999

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