Kraft Family Takes Slice of Healthy Pizza Franchiser

According to the Patriot Ledger, “They made their fortune in paper products, and they earned their fame with football. Now, the Kraft family is turning to pizza for their latest venture.
But it wasn’t just any old tomato sauce and mozzarella pie that inspired the Krafts to branch into investing in a restaurant chain for the first time.”
“The founders of Naked Pizza believe they’ve come up with a pizza that not only tastes good, but is good for you, too. The company only has one shop, a 500-square-foot takeout joint in New Orleans. However, with The Kraft Group’s backing, Naked Pizza is preparing for a nationwide expansion. In the past two months, Naked Pizza says it signed franchise agreements to open shops in Kentucky, Florida, New York and Colorado. Dan Kraft, executive vice president at the Kraft Group in Foxboro, says he expects Naked Pizza’s first New England franchise agreement will be signed within the next 30 days. He says negotiations are on track for opening a few Naked Pizza shops in Massachusetts within the next 12 months.”