""“Drivers in the New Orleans area aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch in the face of record-high gas prices for this time of year. Just ask the owners of Felipe’s Taqueria, which recently raised prices on some menu items for the first time in years to cope with extra fuel charges tacked on by vendors, sometimes as much as per delivery, reports the Times-Picayune. Domino’s pays its drivers on a sliding scale based on gas prices. High pump prices cost them about $1 million in extra money paid out to drivers in the past year.”

“Richard Mueller is chief financial officer and co-owner of RPM Pizza, LLC, which owns and operates 130 Domino’s Pizza stores in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, including two dozen locations around greater New Orleans. The company pays its drivers on a sliding scale to compensate them for their fuel costs, which ebb and flow as the price of gasoline fluctuates. The average national price of gasoline was about $3.83 per gallon on Monday, up 4 cents from last week and 26 cents from a year ago. Prices were a little better on the Gulf Coast, where the average gallon of gasoline stood at about $3.65 Monday, up 4 cents from last week and 21 cents from a year prior, according to the Department of Energy.”

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