According to a news report from, “Playing for Pizza” is another football novel from John Grisham, though it’s nowhere near as doleful as “Bleachers.” No, Grisham means to have a sweet time with this story of a fallen NFL quarterback. And he does.”

“Rick Dockery’s career was never one to excite the fans until his last time on an American field, that is. Third-stringer for the Cleveland Browns, Dockery joins the game as the Browns hold a 17-point lead against Denver. He makes such a spectacularly infamous play, that fans storm the hospital where he’s recuperating, hoping to exact more bodily harm,” said the story. “His agent flatly tells him he has to leave the country. And since Canada isn’t having him, it looks like it’s gonna have to be Italy. Football in Italy? Indeed, though the sport isn’t highly ranked there, there is a league and a season that culminates in a Super Bowl. Who knew?”

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