It’s No Secret – New Software Program Prepares Professional Confidentiality Agreements For Various Business Deals.

(Fargo, North Dakota) — ConfidentialityWizard is a software program that helps attorneys, businesses and inventors prepare solid confidentiality agreements (a.k.a. non-disclosure agreements or NDA). Unlike attorneys who can charge $500+ for a single confidentiality agreement, users can create an unlimited number of confidentiality agreements for just $99.

Why Use ConfidentialityWizard? Many inventors and business have confidential information that needs to be protected. Those businesses granted a patent will need a confidentiality agreement in place with another party before disclosing confidential information to them. A patent application filed with the USPTO provides no protection against an unscrupulous third-party – only a solid confidentiality agreement can accomplish this.

“There are cheap ‘form’ agreements available on the Internet, but none that offer the flexibility that ConfidentialityWizard does,” says ConfidentialityWizard Creator and U.S. Patent Attorney Michael S. Neustel of Neustel Law Offices, LTD

Neustel advises that a strong confidentiality agreement should:

* Maintain Confidentiality. A confidentiality agreement protects the confidentiality of your technology and inventions.

* Portray Professionalism. A confidentiality agreement shows the receiving party that you are professional and serious about protecting your intellectual property rights.

* Spell Out The Ground Rules. A solid confidentiality agreement spells out exactly how – and how not – the confidential information is to be handled.

* Provide Customized Agreements. Customize the agreements to  include the terms you want (e.g. arbitration, when the other party has to return confidential information).

Neustel Software offers free Trial Versions of ConfidentialityWizard that users can download online at:

Licenses to full versions of  ConfidentialityWizard can be purchased on the site or via telephone at (888) 382-7690.