Italian Company Produces Pizza Vending Machines

According to, “Troops stationed in Italy know that one of the quickest and cheapest ways to pick up something to eat is to stop by a local pizzeria.”

“But a company producing new vending machines in a factory about halfway between Vicenza and Aviano is hoping to at least occasionally take the pizzeria out of that equation. Yes, a vending machine that dispenses hot (or frozen) pizzas. Rocco D’Ospina, one of the chief backers behind Pizzaly by Italia Pizza Service, hopes to take the world by storm. Or least by the coin. He said in an interview last week in his corporate offices just outside Vicenza that about 10 million euros has been spent on research and development over the past decade. That work has resulted in about 50 machines being produced each month in San Paolo di Piave. D’Ospina said that production could increase dramatically if the demand takes off.”

“So far, about 100 machines are in use around Italy, he said. But versions of the machine have been tested in Japan, Austria, Germany and Switzerland in recent years. And D’Ospina admits that the U.S. is a huge potential market,” the story said.