“The restaurant business is booming in Tulsa, or at least that’s the case for America’s Incredible Pizza Company, a family entertainment center with nine locations nationwide and two in Mexico. The family-friendly store released several positive figures this week for its Tulsa, Oklahoma store,” IPC said in a news release fron PRNewswire.

“IPC reported a nine percent increase for March 2012 compared to March 2011; a 15 percent year-to-date increase from 2011; an increase in overall customer count; and last month also produced Tulsa’s most profitable single day on record.Whether it’s a sign of economic recovery, a reflection of Incredible Pizza’s reputation for pizza, games and family atmosphere, or a combination of both, remains to be seen.”

‘”We are cautiously optimistic of an economic recovery. Our numbers are looking very promising so far in 2012,” said Mark Eastin, COO of Incredible Pizza Company. “Customers seem to have a little extra room in the budget, and they are really taking advantage of the food, games and overall family fun they can find at Incredible Pizza.'”

“IPC said it’s seeing these positive figures at several of its store locations. Eastin, who has over 10 years of restaurant experience, notes that Incredible Pizza’s numbers are a good sign for the economy as a whole. ‘We offer great deals so families can come in and have a wonderful time together, and if the economy is improving enough to where families can afford to do that on a more regular basis, it’s a good sign for everybody.”‘

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