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John Arena: How To Make New York-Style Pizza Dough

In this video flashback, the celebrated owner of Metro Pizza walks you through every step of making the pizza dough that NYC made famous.

Around 10 years ago, John Arena, a master of all pizza styles, New York native and co-owner of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas and Truly Pizza in Dana Point, California, spent a couple of days in PMQ’s test kitchen. While the industry has evolved in dramatic fashion over the past decade, the essentials of excellent New York-style pizza dough that Arena shared with us are timeless: flour, water, salt, yeast and olive oil. “The flavors,” he said at the time, “are going to come from fermentation, the length of fermentation and the development of amino acids over a two- to three-day period.”

He also noted that you don’t need New York water to make a good New York-style pizza! Watch this video flashback to learn Arena’s secrets to making the kind of pizza dough that picky New Yorkers anywhere will recognize and love.