Hoshizaki America is pleased to announce that effective December 1, 2010 IBS-Interbev, Inc. will serve as the global Hoshizaki distributor of marine equipment to the cruise shipping industry. The strategic partnership entered into by IBS-Interbev, Inc. and Hoshizaki America Inc. is one of common interest. For Hoshizaki, it allows for expanded market share from an industry that continues to enjoy rapid growth. For IBS-Interbev, it allows for their ever-expanding product offerings to be enhanced with the world’s finest ice machines producing the world’s most perfect ice.

IBS-Interbev. has been a supplier to the cruise shipping industry for more than ten years. The leadership team behind IBS-Interbev has more than 75 years of foodservice, beverage equipment installation and service experience. As an authorized service provider for the Coca-Cola Company, IBS-Interbev has designed, managed and installed hundreds of retrofit beverage equipment projects on ships all over the world. This level of expertise has given IBS-Interbev the credibility and experience necessary to become an equipment supplier of many of the world’s top product brands to all of the major cruise lines operating today. IBS-Interbev is excited to work on this new line of special marine application ice machines offered by Hoshizaki America, Inc. IBS-Interbev is headquartered in Orlando, FL and routinely has teams of experts traveling the globe to provide service and support to the cruise shipping industry. To reach IBS-Interbev, Inc. directly, please call 407-695-0990 or email sales@ibs-interbev.com.

Hoshizaki America, Inc. is headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia with manufacturing operations in both Peachtree City, Georgia and Griffin, Georgia. Hoshizaki’s automated facilities manufacture complete lines of ice makers, dispensers, refrigerators/freezers and related accessories. For more information, please visit Hoshizaki’s website at www.hoshizaki.com.

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