High Gas Prices Affect Pizzerias Coming and Going

“When gas prices go up, local businesses can’t help but take notice. ‘Gas prices affect everybody,’ said Brad Beighley, store manager of Papa John’s Pizza, reported the Gainsville (FL) Times. “From a sales standpoint as an industry, if (customers) are having to spend 10, 15, 20 cents more at the pump, of course their wallet is going to be tighter.”According to, an online gas index, fuel prices are expected to increase  between 5 and 20 cents nationally over the next few days.

“Beighley said the high cost of gas impacts businesses like his on different levels. On one end, their products cost them more because fuel prices are factored into the costs of their ingredients. On the other end, they have to pay their drivers a higher mileage rate in accordance with the current gas prices. ‘Then it affects us from a customer standpoint as to whether or not the customer wants to come from home to pick up or have it delivered,’ Beighley said. He said he has noticed a trend when gas prices spike. ‘When it makes a big jump, when it all of a sudden shoots up 20 cents, our pickups will pick up,’ Beighley said.