""Gothamist.com reports, “What could be a classic pizza war is about to start brewing down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass! Last week we learned that the legendary Grimaldi’s was moving around the corner from its longtime DUMBO space after a rent dispute with its landlord. The next day the Post talked to the landlord, who revealed he was keeping the restaurant’s coal oven and promised a “very popular pizza establishment” would be moving in. Damn but he wasn’t lying! Turns out that no less than 80-year-old pizza king Patsy Grimaldi is returning to the Brooklyn pizzeria where he made his name! ”

“Thankfully for easily confused pizza fans (if less so for litigious lawyers), the new place will be called neither Grimaldi’s or Patsy’s. Instead the new pizzeria, opening in March 2012, will be named Juliana’s after Grimaldi’s late mother. So far this morning we’ve been unable to reach anyone at the restaurant Grimaldi’s for comment, but the news of Juliana’s has to be something of a shock: In 1998 Patsy Grimaldi sold his pizzeria to its current owner Frank Ciolli and apparently really regretted it. ‘A year after I sold Grimaldi’s, I was very sorry,’ the pizzaiolo told The Post. So when [landlord] Mr. Waxman called me and asked if I wanted to come back, I thought I was dreaming. I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough. ‘”

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