reports, “The managers of a popular pizza restaurant are jailed after an immigration raid on the place Thursday.”

“A federal affidavit details how an undercover sting at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has landed the stores general manager, a kitchen manager and another woman behind bars. According to the affidavit, a confidential informant was sent to the restaurant to pose as an illegal alien looking for a job. ‘On thursday, September 29, 2011, federal agents instructed the confidential informant to pose himself as an illegal alien and attempt to obtain employment at the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at La Palmera mall in Corpus Christi.’ The document goes on to state the informant spoke with the kitchen manager, Daniel-Nieto Ibarra on October 4th and was told that he needed to have a social security number in order to work at Grimaldi’s and it was suggested that he get a fake one.”

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