‘Green’ Business Good for Pizza Fusion

Organic, eco-friendly pizza franchise sells more than 20 franchises within first six months of taking green business concept national.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (PRWEB) June 12, 2007 — Pizza Fusion (, the leader in the organic restaurant sector and sustainable business practices, has reported highly successful growth since launching their franchise program in January of this year with 20 franchises going up in 4 states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Colorado. Pizza Fusion anticipates finishing 2007 with more than 40 stores and exceeding 150 locations by 2010.

“The interest we’ve received in our green business model is a sign of the times,” Randy Romano, vice president of business development with Pizza Fusion, explains. “Investors are taking notice at companies’ impact on the environment and seeking out more eco-friendly operations. Many find sustainable business to be rewarding on a number of levels.”

Beyond serving a more than a 98% organic menu, Pizza Fusion’s environmental initiatives include using only eco-friendly cleaners to sanitize their stores, providing eco-apparel, such as organic cotton uniforms, to their employees, using starch based plateware and utensils that decomposes in 50 days, constructing their stores with renewable, recycled and reused products, recycling their wastes and giving their customers discounts for bringing back their pizza boxes to recycle them. Additionally, Pizza Fusion purchases renewable wind energy certificates to offset 100% of their power consumption at all their stores and corporate office. Even their website is hosted by a ‘green web hosting’ service provider that’s powered by renewable energy.

“Preserving the environment is something we’re passionate about,” Vaughan Lazar, co-founder of Pizza Fusion, explains. “We went to great lengths to develop a business model where social responsibility is just as important as profitability. Our environmental approach continues to evolve as we pursue new ways to further our eco-friendly practices. It’s wonderful to see others appreciate our efforts.”

However, investors aren’t the only ones taking notice. According to Jeff Yagoda, franchisee of Pizza Fusion Fort Lauderdale, “Customers love Pizza Fusion’s environmental initiatives. People see our hybrid cars on the road or hear about the pizza place that’s powered by the wind and they come into the store to investigate. Our patrons feel like they’re doing much more than simply ordering a pizza. They’re being a part of the solution by voting with their dollars to support a business that’s doing the right thing for society.” And it shows. Yagoda reported profits within the second month of opening his Fort Lauderdale location.

About Pizza Fusion
Founded by college buddies Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar in February of 2006, Pizza Fusion offers an all-natural and organic menu of gourmet pizzas, focaccia sandwiches, wraps, salads, desserts, beers, wines and more. Pizza Fusion addresses the needs of today’s health conscious consumer with concern for both the individual and environment. By promoting the organic movement and practicing an eco-friendly approach in all operations of the company, Pizza Fusion is ‘Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time’. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Pizza Fusion is franchising across the United States. For additional information, visit: