Full-Overlap Flap (FOL) Case Erector & Case Sealer

Do you use FOL (full-overlap) ca""ses but don’t have a case erector or sealer that will accommodate them?  MARQ has a solution for you!  Our medium frame case erector bottom sealer utilizes a horizontal erecting method to create a square case every time.  The hopper has a standard two-stack capacity, and is infinitely increasable to ensure there is no downtime when adding knockdown cases.  Cases are erected, bottom flaps are folded quickly and securely sealed, and the case enters the compression section before exiting the machine. 

After the cases are filled, they can be fed into the FOL case sealer where the top flaps are automatically folded and sealed. 

MARQ machines are available in a variety of styles and sizes depending on user application.  You may also choose between a right-hand or left-hand machine with tape or hotmelt glue sealing as well as the option of side lug, flight bar or side belt drive.  Our machines come standard with expanded polycarbonate guarding, and custom guarding packages are available upon request. 

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