Orlando, FL (May 2008) – Today’s savvy and sophisticated diners are no longer content with a
few greens with house dressing or a garnish of exotic fruit. They demand innovative menu items
that feature appealing, wholesome and distinctive ingredients. That’s where fresh mango comes
in, delivering exciting dimension and value to beverage, food and dessert menus.

Mango’s versatility goes beyond its use in all day and menu parts. Its unique flavor can be
enjoyed at different stages of ripeness – firm, ripe and soft. For example, customers can savor
firm green mango enhanced with Indian seasoning in Green Mango Pickles or in a less than
conventional Green Mango Slaw. Let them enjoy the flavor and fragrance of fully ripe mango in
Mango Caprese Salad or Baja Fish Tacos with Sweet Mango Salsa. Puree soft mango to create
Thai Mango Cooler, Coconut Shrimp with Ginger Mango Sauce or Mango Celery Dressing.

Stocking the pantry with this adaptable, year-round ingredient is a tropical breeze. While
the Tommy Atkins variety is always available, the summer months bring a broader selection,
including Ataulfo, Francine, Haden, Keitt and Kent varieties, each with a distinctive flavor,
aroma, color and texture.

Remember, mangos satisfy cravings for fresh fruit with the added bonus of good-for-you
nutrients. For more information and recipes, visit www.mango.org.

About National Mango Board
The National Mango Board is the national promotion and research organization supported by
assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The Mango Board conducts education
and promotion campaigns that drive awareness and increase consumption of fresh mangos in
at-home and restaurant settings. Mango consumption per capita in the U.S. has quadrupled
since 1990 to an estimated 2.2 pounds per year in 2007. Mango import volume for 2007 was
661 million pounds, 3% more than 2006 and 15% more than 2005.

Learn more at www.mango.org.

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