Former DJ’s Healthy Spin on Pizza Gets New Franchise Off to Powerful Start

MIAMI (April 10, 2012) – American consumers are starving for a healthier pizza that allows them to indulge without the guilt, and one passionate, hungry entrepreneur out of Florida has the ideal product, franchise model and market “power” to satisfy their craving.
In fact, after unveiling the Power Pizzeria franchise opportunity at the Miami Franchise Expo earlier this year, and offering samples of his whey protein-packed power dough and fresh all-natural ingredient toppings, EJ Martinez already has franchisees lined up to get a piece of the “next big thing” in the $30 billion pizza segment.
Power Pizzeria is geared up to grow the franchise in the Southeast before expanding nationally and internationally over the next five years.
While the franchise opportunity may be new to market, Martinez has been perfecting the Power Pizzeria brand, products and business model for more than six years, with four corporate locations operating successfully in the South Florida market and another one soon to open in Brickell in downtown Miami. The first franchise location in Florida is scheduled to open this summer.
“U.S. consumers are becoming more aware and selective of their food choices,” Martinez said. “With Power Pizzeria, our goal is to offer people a pizza they feel good about eating. We’re providing a better alternative without sacrificing taste. We’re answering today’s consumer demands.”
With approximately three billion pizzas sold in the United States each year, Power Pizzeria is differentiating itself in the market with a ‘better for you pizza’ made with healthier ingredients. Whey protein is blended into dough made in-house and served fresh daily, while the sauce is organic and sugar-free. Pizza toppings are made with all-natural ingredients and include part skim mozzarella cheese, in-house, fresh cut vegetables and meat with no additives or fillers. The combination leaves consumers with a less greasy pizza and a much better and satisfied feeling afterwards.
“Everybody knows that `fat pizza feeling’ you get after chomping down a greasy pizza with high fat and sodium,” Martinez noted. “We like to say that our pizza makes people feel good before, during and after they eat it. They enjoy the taste, and they feel good about the choice they made. It’s feel good food.”
Power Pizzeria was founded in 2004 when Martinez, age 22 at the time, was coming home late after DJ’ing. Tired and hungry, he walked into a pizza place to grab a slice and overheard customers commenting on how bad they felt about cheating on their diets. He thought, “there has to be a better way to do this.” At 5:30 a.m. that morning, the idea for Power Pizzeria was born. With no experience in making pizza or operating a restaurant, Martinez struggled with his first pizza business, but then dedicated himself to learning about the pizza industry inside and out. He went to food expos, worked with consultants, read books and gained hands-on knowledge that helped him build up a successful brand. 
“I didn’t have experience in the restaurant industry and we don’t expect our franchisees to, either,” he said.  “I’ve learned from trial and error and I’ve built training, purchasing and marketing systems that work. Getting in the ground floor means franchisees will have direct access to a full support staff and to me as the founder. My goal is to see them succeed and be efficient from day one.”

The Power Pizzeria business model offers carry out and delivery and a small, relaxing dining area within an 800-1,800 square-foot space. The music, furnishings and wall coverings all reflect the fun and healthy environment that reinforces the Power Pizzeria brand.
About Power Pizzeria
Founded by EJ Martinez in 2004, Miami-based Power Pizzeria serves a healthier pizza, made with Whey protein, organic sauce and all-natural ingredients. Dough is made in-house and served fresh daily. In addition, Power Pizzeria offers dine-in, delivery and carry out services for their pizza, baked chicken wings, fresh made-to-order salads, multigrain pastas, strombolis and calzones all made from their power dough. With four locations throughout Florida, and two more in development, the company has plans to expand across the country through franchising. For franchising opportunities, please contact or visit