Foam City Show Shares Pizza Through Art


"Esteban Garcia doesn’t know many things better at bringing people together than a warm slice of pizza," according to JConline.

This weekend, Garcia will stretch that to the limit as he shares pizza with people in South America through art.

Garcia has organized a show at Foam City called “Pizza: bringing the world together one slice at a time.” He selected seven artists, and friends in Colombia, where he lived before coming to Purdue University. They decided on a fun theme — pizza — and all the work centers on that.

“We wanted to do something different from the art world that usually deals with heavy subjects,” Garcia said.

The show will include everything from drawings and animation to paintings, and duplicates will be simultaneously on display in a gallery in Bogota. Garcia said he and his fellow artists in Columbia shipped pieces to each other.

Here, the show will begin at 6 p. m. Garcia said Hot Box Pizza donated food, and there will be actual pizza to go along with the artwork."

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