Orlando, Fla.,May 19,2011 –Today, Flippers Pizzeria revealed details on how the company has enhanced the customer dine-in experience over the past year and how it plans to further enhance it in 2011.

Ben Richardson, VP of Operations at Flippers Pizzeria, mentioned the importance of the customer experience at the Orlando, Florida-based pizzeria. “We really care about the comfort of our customers when they dine at our restaurants,” said Richardson. “In addition to the great customer service from our wait staff, we have created an environment that features all the comforts of home.”

For starters, Flippers Pizzeria has installed high-definition flat-screen TVs in all 11 of their Central Florida restaurants. “We have kept the sound off so those that want to talk can do so without interruption and we leave the captioning on for those that want to watch TV. This also allows us to keep our background music on to maintain the desired atmosphere for all of our guests,” said Richardson.

“According to Flippers executives, future innovations for 2011 include free Wi-Fi in all restaurants and a new iPhone application and mobile ordering system, scheduled for launch around August of this year.”

Another new addition to Flippers Pizzeria this year is the expanded beer menu. Wine and beer have always been available at Flippers Pizzeria, setting it apart from other area pizzerias, but now, in an effort to further enhance the guest experience, Flippers Pizzeria is offering craft-style beers on tap. The new offering is in response to an increasing consumer interest in craft beers.

According to Richardson, four Flippers Pizzeria locations currently offer the craft beers, with further restaurants following suit later this year. “Our draft beers were specifically selected to complement our pizzas,” said Richardson. The company is currently offering two organic local brews from Orlando Brewery on draft, including Blonde Ale and Pale Ale. It is also offering Sam Adams Boston Lager and Sam Adams Seasonal.

Beyond the atmospheric improvements and new menu additions (eight new menu items were added this year), Fans of Flippers Pizzeria now have a new way to show their support for their favorite pizzeria—Flippers t-shirts, now available in all 11 Central Florida locations.

The new Flippers Pizzeria t-shirts are available in stores only at this time and come in both white and black. “At only $11 each, the whole family can get a tee,” said Kelly Pfister, Marketing Director of Flippers Pizzeria. “We made them affordable for our fans who want to show off their support for our brand—we value their opinions and enthusiasm for our products.”

According to Flippers executives, future innovations for 2011 include free Wi-Fi in all restaurants and a new iPhone application and mobile ordering system, scheduled for launch around August of this year. “The trend of smart phones accessing the Web is on the rise, and we are dedicated to making our ordering site as accessible and user-friendly as possible,” said Richardson.

It’s clear that 2011 is turning out to be a historic year for the 24-year-old Orlando pizza company. Franchising opportunities are being well received, and the company remains committed to its promise of fresh, honest ingredients. “At Flippers, not only do we have a passion for making the perfect pizza—we are also committed to making the customer experience the best it can be,” said Richardson. “We are thrilled to be making the necessary enhancements to make this happen.”

Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has been serving Central Florida’s tourists, residents, students, and businesses the perfect pizza while making numerous charitable donations to the local community. Today, there are eleven Flippers Pizzeria restaurants in Central Florida.

ABOUT FLIPPERS PIZZERIA: “Fresh Honest Ingredients.” From authentic brick-oven baked pizzas and pastas, to handcrafted calzones and flatbreads, Flippers Pizzeria maintains consistency in taste and freshness. Customers have the option of enjoying a delicious Flippers meal in the comfortable, family friendly environment of their restaurants or the convenience of pick-up and delivery services. Flippers Pizzeria is one of the only delivery services that offer the quality of authentic brick-oven-baked pizza. For more information about the company and franchising opportunities, contact Ian Schneider, Vice President of Franchise Development at 1-877-354-7865. Follow Flippers Pizzeria on Facebook (facebook.com/flipperspizzeria) and Twitter (@flipperspizzaus).

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