First Mobile Neapolitan Pizzeria, to Launch in San Francisco in February

""“Ex-Flour + Water pizzaiolo Jon Darsky is launching a pioneering mobile operation called Del Popolo (“of the people”), as Tablehopper reports. Darsky and a design team have adapted a shipping container into a wood-fired pizzeria, loaded onto a flat-bed truck, with an on-board, 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara pizza oven from Naples, just like the ones Una Pizza Napoletana and Cupola have,” reports

“Darsky says he can make 72 pizzas per hour out of that oven, and the operation is going to be equipped with an on-board dough-mixer too. (See the rendering at left.) The plan is to offer three types of pizza each day, but there’s still no word on where the Del Popolo truck will be parking — as we know from recent kerfuffles downtown, the issue of parking spaces could get dicey, especially with a business that’s likely to draw big crowds like this one.”