Farmland Black Angus Sliders Pack Big Taste Into A Small Burger

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Keep your menu on trend with new Farmland Black Angus Sliders, a perfect combination of bite size appeal and bold, premium taste. 

“Black Angus” has great consumer appeal b""ecause it all starts with the very best beef – 100% USDA Choice or better.  And sliders have taken hold of menus across the country because they’re fun, eye appealing and work great as a versatile appetizer or entrée at lunch or dinner.  Put those two things together, and you have the superior taste and crowd-pleasing excitement of Farmland Black Angus Sliders. 

“Right-sized” at two ounces, these delicious ground chuck patties can be dressed up innumerable ways – with cheeses, bacon, sauces, veggies and more to give your menu some signature fun and flavor.  They come already portioned, so you only use what you need when you need it, keeping portion costs in line and reducing labor and waste.

“Sliders make a great addition to any menu,” said Chip Morgan, Brand Manager, Farmland Foodservice.  “They are perfect for appetizers, and are just as appealing for lunch and dinner entrees.  People love the fun little size of them, and Black Angus products enjoy an upscale reputation.” 

Farmland Black Angus Sliders come in ten pound cases.

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