""DailyHerald.com reports, “Wednesday’s opening of Elgin’s Super Walmart has been highly anticipated by many members of the community and by at least one local business owner, who has viewed it as a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Nick Sarillo sent a heartfelt plea to 16,000 Nick’s Pizza and Pub customers Sept. 27 outlining his financial troubles — an email that quickly went viral. Sarillo called on the community to support his business as it ran into serious trouble ‘about four weeks short of the finish line.’  That finish line is the delayed opening of the Super Walmart, just across the road from him. He figured carry-over business from Walmart would help sustain him. ”

“Walmart’s opening day is here and Nick’s doors are still open. The email launched a groundswell of community support that doubled Nick’s business the week after it was sent out. Both the Elgin and Crystal Lake locations saw 45 percent more business the following week and continue to see a 25-percent increase now. ”

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