Dropcards Procudes Food and Beverage Industry Cornerstone of Digital Promotion

New Web site to improve packaging promotions for food & beverage brands
New York – June 4, 2007 – Dropcards (www.dropcards.com), the next wave of promotional content delivery for brands, announced it will become the first online marketer to offer clients a way to manage promotions on its site. This announcement enables food and beverage brands of all sizes to coordinate marketing efforts on the new Dropcards platform from inception to completion of its digital promotions. 
Dropcards was founded in ‘05 to help brands leverage a consumer’s growing demand for digital content and online services in its promotions.   Dropcards bear a unique PIN number unlocking access to exclusive content and online services, which range from audio downloads, informational e-documents, interactive coupons and How-To videos – virtually anything digital!  These promotions are tailored to offer specific content or online services that would appeal to a company’s targeted audience.
The Dropcards concept has proven to be innovative and successful for brands to effectively reach consumers. Since its inception, Dropcards has developed outstanding promotions for food and beverage brands such as Kraft Foods, Virgin Vines, and more recently, Vitamin Water.
In May Dropcards enabled the first-of-its-kind promotion for Glaceau’s Vitamin Water along with megastar Kelly Clarkson.  Only available at Wal-Mart, specially-marked boxes of Vitamin Water came replete with PIN redeemable for “Never Again,” an unreleased cut from Clarkson’s latest album, “My December”.
“We are encouraged by results of the promotions developed for Vitamin Water and the many other food and beverage industry brands thus far,” said Bill Grassmyer, a founder of Dropcards alongside merchandising industry vet Tom Corbett. “We have spent a lot of time quietly growing our destination site and investing in design and technology overall, to be able to provide the best digital portal possible. The combo of online power with the tangible real world makes for a powerful promotional tool not available to brands anywhere else.”