Rapid Fired Pizza offers a dough-free pizza option for customers on a low-carb diet.

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Rapid Fired Pizza Holds Contest for Dough-Free Pizza Recipes

Customers can "lose the crust, cut the carbs and keep the flavor" with RFP's No-Doh options.

Rapid Fired Pizza (RFP), the Kettering, Ohio-based chain with more than 30 stores in five states, wants customers to submit ideas for dough-free pizza recipes and potentially win a grand prize of free pizza for a year.

The contest runs through midnight, January 31, with entries accepted online here. Click here to review the contest rules.

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The first-place winner will receive one free No Doh pizza card each week for 52 weeks. The second-place winner gets three No Doh pizza cards, while third place wins one card.

RFP’s No Doh options let consumers “lose the crust, cut the carbs and keep the flavor.” These No Doh pizzas replace RFP’s thin- or pan-crust options with a choice of fresh spinach leaf or grated Parmesan cheese. Choosing either dough-free pizza “crust” reduces the carbs by up to 98% and saves a minimum of 350 calories, according to an RFP press release.

“We have been watching the trends that focus primarily on low-carb, gluten-free, keto and paleo diet options, and we wanted to have more options available for our customers,” said Kelly Gray, vice president of Rapid Fired Pizza.  “Customers love the variety of options as well as the speed at which the pizzas cook—in just 180 seconds.”

In addition to dough-free pizza items, Rapid Fired Pizza’s menu features handcrafted, made-to-order, individual-sized pizzas and 14” family size pizzas. RFP offers eight sauces, eight cheeses, more than 30 fresh toppings, and 14 dipping sauces for patrons to build their preferred pizza. Craft pizzas, pasta, calzones, salads, breadsticks, and desserts are also available in addition to a traditional gluten-free crust.

RFP offers delivery via DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats, depending on the location.

Every Rapid Fired Pizza store focuses on energy efficiency by using LED lighting and recyclable materials, the company says.