""""Domino’s Pizza Franchisee Announces Stunning Results of 2-Year Employee Retention Study Using the HiringPredictor™

Alan Murph, operator of 30 Domino’s stores in Texas, reduced his turnover by more than 30% and increased his bottom line by $150,000 in just one year using eBestHire.com’s HiringPredictor ™.

Sonora, Calif. (PRWEB) July 20, 2007 – June Diggle, president of eBestHire.com (formerly PeopleSkillsInc.com) announced the results of a 2-year employee turnover study involving thirty Domino’s Pizza stores.  June, no stranger to the food-service sector, has been helping Pizza and Quick Service companies improve their hiring practices since 1989.

The HiringPredictor™ is eBestHire’s internationally acclaimed program that is being used by franchisees and independent food operators in fourteen countries including Domino’s Pizza, KFC, McDonalds, Panda Express, Abba Seafood (Sweden), Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn, Jollibees Foods (Philippines), Cerebos Ltd (Thailand), Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Sizzler.

“There are many pre-employment assessment tests with a wide range of capabilities available in the market today”, says June. “Most identify some of the qualities of top performers. However, only the HiringPredictor test identifies all the qualities needed to consistently select applicants with the same qualities as your best employees.”

“The ‘accuracy’ advantage or ‘secret sauce’,” as June calls it, “is the HiringPredictor’s superior science.” “It is the only hiring test with a built-in technological Lie Detector that ensures that applicants respond with consistent and truthful answers. Another scientific breakthrough is the Paradox methodology which determines an applicant’s counterproductive behaviors without ever asking the applicant about those behaviors in the test,” states June.  “The Lie Detector and Paradox methodology are pre-employment assessment industry breakthroughs making it possible, for the first time, to consistently identify top performers.”

The HiringPredictor test typically takes twenty minutes to complete and can be taken on-line by applicants from any computer with Internet access.  Results are immediately made available to the employment administrator and the cost can be as low as a few dollars per test depending on volume.

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About eBestHire.com:

Founded in 1989 by June Diggle, eBestHire.com specializes in helping companies identify, hire and manage top-performing employees.  June has also coached many food services franchisees and managers over the last ten years.

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