Dominos Pizza Accountants and Chefs Star in New Commercial

ANN ARBOR, Mich., – Continuing the latest trend in casting employees in commercials, Domino’s Pizza, Inc., the recognized world leader in pizza delivery,  has cast 15 of its team members in the latest Domino’s commercial, “Chefs vs. Accountants”.  Of the 15 appearing in the spot, six team members from the company’s accounting and research & development departments have principle roles. You can see the new spot at

“This new commercial is the latest in a string of spots featuring actual Domino’s employees and store owners,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza Chief Marketing Officer. “Ever since our CEO Dave Brandon spoke out about how he felt regarding a cease and desist notice in ’Burn the letter’ and followed that up by taking his message of The Big Taste Bailout to Capitol Hill, Domino’s staff and franchisees have been featured in TV spots and on-line advertising, including the recent franchisee feud over the Domino’s American Legends specialty pizza line.”

Domino’s is not alone with this trend: Best Buy is using store employees in its spots, FedEx used employees’ real adventures, Microsoft featured users as well as employees in their “I’m a PC” campaign as did Ford with “Drive One” while Intel used employees to illustrate what their rock stars look like (although with the help of an actor).

In Domino’s latest campaign for Breadbowl Pasta and Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes, we meet Domino’s chefs (who put the lava in the crunchy cakes) and its accountants (whose number crunching made the lava crunch cakes free with the purchase of any Domino’s Breadbowl Pasta at menu price through September 13, 2009) battling it out in front of the camera.