Customized Sandwiches and Salads Add to Menu Variety and Profitability

INDIANAPOLIS, February 4, 2008 — When customers get to choose exactly what they are eating, foodservice establishments win. Customized salads and sandwiches make for a greater number of flavor combinations than can be printed on any menu or menu board, thus increasing the potential for happy customers who will return.

Refrigerated prep units are the most important aspect to any foodservice location wishing to serve customized sandwiches and salads. The units come in a variety of sizes to fit most any kitchen layout, from just a couple of feet long to almost 10 feet long. Additionally, units feature a toppings rail for multiple food pans that hold each individual topping separately from the rest to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Refrigerated prep units also feature refrigerated cabinets beneath the prep area to hold additional stock of toppings, which eliminates the need for the operator to leave the prep area to restock the toppings. Many refrigerated prep units carry the NSF 7 listing, which means that uncovered foods can be safely stored in the refrigerated cabinets.

In addition to refrigerated prep units, foodservice locations should consider other equipment and supplies to increase production efficiency, including the following items:

Food pans: purchase an assortment of different sizes that can be configured in a number of ways in refrigerated prep units to increase production efficiency

Adapter bars: use with various sizes of food pans to build custom configurations in prep units

Bread and sandwich knives: make an easy task of cutting through fresh breads before topping, or to slice through thick sandwiches before serving to customers

Tongs: perfect for grabbing individual pieces of food, like thick cuts of meat, tomato slices or onion rings

Panini grills: prepare hot, grilled sandwiches with or without grill marks for even more menu variety

Wrapping equipment: easily wrap up sandwiches and salads for carryout orders, or wrap up leftover toppings to use later

For additional information on the benefits of refrigerated prep units, visit Central Restaurant Products.

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