Connecticut Adopts Quality Standard for Olive Oil

NEPTUNE, NJ – The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) applauds the state of Connecticut for enacting a new regulation that adopts the International Olive Council standard for olive oil for all olive oils sold in Connecticut.

“This regulation coming to fruition is a perfect example of an industry looking to do the right thing,” said Bob Bauer, NAOOA president. “The NAOOA approached officials, explained the problem and worked through the entire process to help bring about this new regulation.”

The regulation was needed, Bauer said, because no federal standard of identity exists for olive oil. “Meanwhile, the International Olive Council – a group formed by the United Nations – through the expertise of olive oil experts around the world, has had a standard in place for years that’s followed by the overwhelming majority of the industry. For example, a condition of NAOOA membership is that members must agree to adhere to the IOC standard.” The regulation
clearly defines the types of olive oils.

“The NAOOA has been testing olive oils for many years,” Bauer said. “Our results show consumers can be confident that what they buy in supermarkets is correctly labeled. We wanted to remove any doubt and address problems that might be occurring in other industry segments, such as sales to restaurants.”

Bauer said Connecticut is the first state to adopt the IOC standard. As of Jan. 1, California will have a standard that nearly matches the IOC standard. “We plan to approach other states and get them on board as well,” Bauer said. “We’re hoping that once a few more states adopt a standard, the federal government will create one.”

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