Clikit and Skip the Line

Clikit Technologies, Inc. announces debut of patented restaurant Text Messaging, Instant Messaging and web ordering technology using slogan “Clikit and Skip the Line”

Los Angeles—August 13, 2007–Clikit Technologies, Inc has developed proprietary applications that enable users of mobile phones to complete retail based purchases via Text Messaging, Instant Messaging and the internet. The company unveiled its restaurant application for placing to go and pickup orders via SMS and IM platforms at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Show in the Los Angeles Convention Center August 18 through the 20th in Booth 2829.

Using proprietary interactive application technologies, Clikit Technologies, Inc empowers restaurants and their customers to use their mobile phones, smart phones, computers and PDA’s to complete placing to go and pick up orders simply and instantaneously. This technology eliminates the need to wait in long lines or being placed on hold until someone can take your order.

Hospitality Technology Systems, Inc. (HTS), a Southern California expert in Restaurant Point of Sale systems, and Digital Dining Reseller will be hosting Clikit in their booth at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Show. James Bacarella, CEO for HTS says, “This is the most exciting technology I’ve seen since I started in this business. I have already talked with many of our multi-unit operators and other resellers across the U.S., and everyone is very excited to have Clikit finally available. Their technology is so far ahead of anything anyone has done in this area thus far.”

Last year consumers spent more than $100 billion on fast food. For fiscal year 2006 consumers spent over 5 billion dollars in coffee at Starbucks alone. Day after day consumers impatiently wait in long lines as they hurry to order, pay, and pick up their food and/or coffee. With Clikit Technologies, Inc technology the consumer can avoid all of the above. The consumers will simply SMS or IM the order to the restaurant or coffee shop. Once the consumer sends the order they are also authorizing the charge to a pre-approved credit card. The technology will auto trigger a print out at the restaurant POS with details of the transaction, including buyer information, product details, product delivery information and/or pickup details. The consumer can specify a pick up time and our technology will initiate a holding pattern that will force the order to be printed out several minutes before the customer requested pickup time. This will ensure hot fresh product for the customer. The consumers can then just stop in and pick up their order. Our technology makes this a completely automated transaction for the consumer. The consumer will not need to wait on hold, and will not need to have their credit card out, or will not need to give credit card information over the phone and the consumer will not need to repeat their order. The order will be filled and the consumer will then have a special “pick up” line to go to as no payment will be needed.

Clikit Technologies, Inc.’s patented technology breaks the barrier of mobile and internet commerce by embedding its proprietary technologies into Text Message (SMS) and Instant Message (IM) protocols and in so doing radically simplifies the mobile and internet commerce experience. The technology completely eliminates the need for a web browser and the platform is completely ubiquitous. The technology is built to be supported by every major wireless carrier, work on over 97% of all cell phones and on all major Instant Messaging platforms.

“The Clikit process”
The consumer simply needs to register their cell phone number, credit card information, screen names and zip code with Clikit Technologies, Inc, then simply Text Message (SMS) or Instant Message (IM) orders for coffee, movies, sandwiches, pizza etc. The consumer simply initiates the transaction from their mobile phone, smart phone, PDA or home computer using Text Messaging (SMS), or Instant Messaging (IM).The information the consumer sends is then passed through the wireless networks to the Clikit Technologies, Inc proprietary CMS server. The transactions are then processed through a firewall to the Clikit Technologies, Inc transactional server where credit card information will be verified. After verification the transaction will again pass through the wireless networks to the end location (coffee shop, video store, pharmacy, pizza place, sandwich shop etc.) and the order will print automatically for processing. Within seconds the Clikit Technologies, Inc proprietary CMS server sends a message back through the same channels and the consumer is notified that their order has been received and the amount that was charged to their credit card. Now the consumer can go pick up the order without waiting in line, or have it delivered to their home or office.

Clikit Technologies’ mission is to make transactions available anywhere, anytime, on any connected device and drive sales through tools that power consumers. Clikit has solutions available and being marketed under separate agreements for many other verticals besides restaurants including video rental, pharmaceuticals and retail. For more information contact Scott Weiss at (909) 645-9861 or email at