Chicago Pizza Restaurant Graziano’s Launches New OneIMS-Designed Website

(Press Release) Chicago, IL, July 19, 201–Graziano’s, a longtime favorite of Chicago’s foodie community, commissioned OneIMS to redesign their company website. In considering the restaurant’s brand, location, clientele, and menu, the Chicago web design company has created an attractive, interactive website. The new design prominently features photographs of Graziano’s sumptuous offerings, including their renowned pizzas baked in wood-burning ovens.

“We tried to capture the feel of dining in Graziano’s, so we focused on their food, but we also included elements of their décor and photos of their waitstaff and happy customers,” explains Bijoy Samuel, Business Development Manager of the website design company. “Graziano’s is known for their fun, their efficiency, and of course their food. Our Chicago web design team worked hard to capture those elements.”

Part of the efficiency can be noted in the organization of the website, which focuses on creating the most user-friendly experience possible. This includes serving clients with dietary restrictions. As anyone with Celiac knows, finding tasty gluten-free pasta can be impossible, but Graziano offers several delicious vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free options, along with standard menu items such as pizza baked in wood-burning ovens, fresh fish, and steak.

Thanks to OneIMS’s new and innovative design, visitors can order delivery and pickup online. They may also contact Graziano’s directly via a web form or phone, download menu PDFs, and learn about their catering options all through the website. Graziano’s offers catering services and specializes in hosting large events. An even more convenient element is being able to make reservations online. By integrating OpenTable right on Graziano’s website, visitors can now make their reservations directly on the website for added convenience.

“The restaurant industry has become increasingly reliant on the internet, whether through online customer reviews or by making the dining experience easier for customers and staff alike,” says Samuel. “By integrating customer-generated review platforms and creating an easy-to-use corporate website design, we anticipate that prospective and existing customers will be able to learn more about Graziano’s through the new website. More importantly, it allows Graziano’s to truly connect with their customers beyond their table and delivery service.”

Customers can connect to Graziano’s through Facebook and Twitter, or receive promotional offers via email.