Arlington, Va., October 18, 2011—Breakfast remains a growth opportunity for chefs and operators as menus evolve to include more affordable and innovative options. U.S.-grown rice helps foodservice professionals cost-effectively meet demand for healthy, creative dishes that are great for dining in or on-the-go. ""

Mintel Group reports that breakfast is predicted to grow 13% through 2014, and consumers want innovative dishes, new flavors and nutritious breakfast options according to Packaged Facts. USA Rice Federation offers recipes that will support foodservice operators’ efforts to increase sales by developing breakfast menus that feature what patrons are looking for:  

  • Convenience: According to USA Rice’s proprietary research, chefs and operators believe rice is a good item for take-out dishes and meals on the go because it is easy to package, travels, holds and presents well, and is popular with customers.   
    • Chorizo, Rice & Egg Wrap—A hearty mix of chorizo sausage, long grain rice, eggs, cheese and vegetables. Ethnic-inspired breakfast items that include ingredients, like chorizo and scrambled eggs, are ranked the number one breakfast trend by National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot in 2011” survey.
  • Healthy Options: Flavorful, nutritious options are now a mainstay on menus and U.S. rice is a naturally healthy food that is sodium-, gluten- and cholesterol-free, with just a trace amount of fat.
    • Country Breakfast Cereal—100% whole grain brown rice, raisins and cranberries create a nutritious combination that’s enhanced with cinnamon.  
  • Value: At 10 cents per serving, rice helps offset the costs of more expensive ingredients and increase profit per plate. Creating vegetarian breakfast options is a great way to appeal to diners’ desires for value and helps balance food costs.
    • Rice and Vegetable Frittata—Onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes are combined with long-grain rice for a fluffy open-faced omelet.  
  • Signature Dishes: Creating limited-time offers or specialty dishes appeals to weekend customers who want more options and have more time. Restaurants such as King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant in Torrance, California feature fried rice and steamed rice on their specialty breakfast menu.
    • Fried Rice with EggFried rice topped with an over-easy egg.
    • King’s BurritoA blend of scrambled eggs, fried rice, Portuguese sausage and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla.
    • Loco MocoA broiled Angus hamburger patty is topped with two over-easy eggs and brown gravy. Served on a bed of steamed rice.

“The versatility of U.S.-grown rice makes it an ideal ingredient for all menu parts including breakfast, said Shaily Jariwala, Domestic Promotions Manager for USA Rice Federation. It is cost-effective, central to countless global cuisines and adds nutritional value, helping chefs and operators create dishes that are on-trend and appealing to a variety of customers.”

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