Chef Brian Barszcz Opens SeventhHill Pizza on Capitol Hill

""According to, “The highly anticipated Seventh Hill, a new pizza bistro, is now formally open for business along 7th Street on Capitol Hill. Eastern Market’s new pizza joint is being run by husband and wife team Tammy and Chef Brian Barszcz. Chef Barszcz, formerly of Locanda, has also cooked at some of the best DC area restaurants such as Colvin Run, Bistro Bis, and Obelisk in Dupont Circle, where he discovered the joys of Italian food.”

“When asked, Tammy said that they have been “open just two weeks.” I walked right over to the French imported oven and stuck my head in. Tammy was quite proud of the oven’s origin and stood next to it pointing at it like Vanna White. Evidently, the pizza oven is made from prized Rhone River stones originally recognized by the Romans for their superior baking quality. Several months ago, the owners of Montmartre took over the space next door which was formerly a Ben & Jerry’s and re-designed the inside to resemble a small and slightly narrow galley pizzeria (see photo above on right). The floors are done in large black-and-white tile lined with decorative wooden pizza peals and racked firewood. There are a dozen plastic stools along the bar in a retro bright yellow.”