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Would You Eat This $845 Pizza from Bagatelle Miami?

An acclaimed restaurant in Miami says it sells 12–20 of these caviar-topped pizzas per week.

Bagatelle Miami is home to one of the world’s most expensive pizzas.

Headed up by executive chef Jimmy de Allmeida—who has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants—Bagatelle Miami menus an Avocado Pizza topped with caviar. The pie retails between $290–$845, based on how much caviar a diner would like.

If the $845 price tag sounds prohibitive to some, the restaurant reports selling between 12 and 20 caviar pizzas per week. The restaurant also claims that diners come from thousands of miles away to sample the avocado pizza featuring caviar.

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“The iconic Bagatelle avocado pizza came to life thanks to our chef’s vision and culinary innovation,” Bagatelle wrote on social media. “Try this fusion of Italian and Côte d’Azur cuisine topped off with the Kaviari caviar.”

Bagatelle is an upscale restaurant brand that features 14 international locations. In addition to the eatery in Miami, there are Bagatelle locations in London, Tulum, Mexico City and Mykonos, to name a few. The brand is known for importing its goods directly from Italy and France to ensure consistency across locations.

A behind-the-scenes look at how the Avocado Pizza is made appears to show the hand-tossed dough being topped with fresh cheese and marjoram before being placed in an oven. The cooked pie is then topped with a generous layer of avocado. The pie is taken to the table where it will be served, and a healthy portion of caviar is finally put on to the pie, which is then cut.

Bagatelle is no stranger to creating extravagant pizzas: Dessert menus at several of its locations include a Dulcey Chocolate Pizza, which features caramelized walnuts and an assortment of chocolates made by Manon Santini.

A chocolate pizza.

Those looking to try the Dulcey Chocolate Pizza are in for some good fortune: It appears to retail for about $35—a paltry sum compared to the $845 one would fork over for the Avocado Pizza featuring caviar.