Cavalli Pizza Napoletana Claims First Napoli Certified Pizza In Texas

According to D Magazine, “For Paolo Cavalli, making pizza is just continuing the work started by his great grandparents. For the rest of his family running Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana it is also the continuation of the family work. The family is now large enough to support two locations: the original spot in Irving the more recent McKinney incarnation. They might be able to birth another at some point but that will depend on such imponderables such as span of control and birth rates. However, from the first bite you take from the pizza at Cavalli, this is not chain restaurant mentality pizza. In fact they have been so under the radar that I dare say many Dallasites are unaware that such a gem exists in the area. To partly rectify this problem they organized a press dinner.”

“Cavalli claims to be the first pizzeria in Texas to be certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (VPN), the producer association established in Napoli to prevent what they saw as the mongrelizing of the whole concept of pizza in the world. [Ed. note: They opened in Irving on January 17th, 2008 and were certified April 17th, 2008.]  They wanted to declare some places above the you-like-tomatoes-on-your crust-or-pineapple-on-your-pie mentality. And, since many places use pizza as only a container, why don’t we start selling pizza in the housewares department and use extra gluten so it can be used to carry dirty washing? Why not make pizza hats to wear in the showers? The possibilities are endless and, if I am willing to risk being whacked by Paulo, not all bad.”