Carbo-overload? Big Pizza Flexes Its Noodle

According to the Denver Post, “Did we really need a macaroni-and- cheese pizza?”

“Some would answer with an unabashed “Yes.” Others, not so much. But before we think any more about this scintillating debate, some semantics: Domino’s Pizza calls its mac ‘n’ cheese pizza a “3 Cheese Mac-N- Cheese Breadbowl Pasta.” But the dough resembles that of a pizza, a thick-crust pizza, instead of a bread bowl. It’s one of the many conundrums in the still-undefined, somewhat-questionable realm of delivery pasta — a new twist on pizza delivered to your door by the companies that have defined the pie business worldwide. As Domino’s and Pizza Hut attempt to stay on top of their millions of consumers’ desires, both companies have turned to another beloved Italian specialty.”

“And so far, the pizza-to-pasta expansion is bottom-line-enhancing business.’It was one of our more successful launches,’ said Doug Willmarth, brand director for Pizza Hut. ‘It was one of those launches that really took off not only from a sales standpoint, but we also captured the imaginations of a lot of people.’ Pizza Hut sees its primary pasta competition in the Olive Garden’s takeout business and various frozen-lasagna manufacturers, Willmarth said, snubbing the competition. But Domino’s Pizza’s pasta numbers are nothing to scoff at — and they have contributed to three solid growth quarters for the pizza giant that has been publicly refining its image and product in recent years.”

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